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Staying hydrated and feel and look better
March 07, 2015

Ways to stay hydrated and save your skin from this Winter. So we have almost made it though this Winter, it just snowed again, 8 inches and thank goodness it's melting fast. However, it has been very hard on our...

Olive oil prices are going up! Better plan ahead
January 20, 2015

Olive growers crisis of 2014. We are short 400,000 tons. Prices are gonna be high and have already started climbing. Just a friendly reminder if you see sweet crude oil, I mean organically grown olive oil on sale at Whole Foods...

Free Makeup Giveaway ~ Gressa Foundation
January 17, 2015

  It's time for our next FREE MAKEUP GIVEAWAY!!!! The serum that is a foundation for a beautifully flawless face. Comes in 8 glorious shades and is a powerhouse of organic ingredients that feed and nourish your skin. Contains Sea...

How to Apply Mascara
January 02, 2015

How to Apply Mascara If you have a traditional brush wand, improve lash separation while applying mascara by moving the wand in a swift, zig-zag fashion from lash root to tip as opposed to one sweeping motion.Tip: One of the...