How to heal hormonal chin acne

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Hormonal chin acne can flare up during this season. With all the rich foods that have dairy in them, think pumpkin pie, pastries with butter, eggnog, I could drink a gallon, yum. But limiting these fatty foods will help with chin troubles. Everyone is breaking out on the chin right now.

How do you help fight blemishes on the chin? I would recommend a nice hot bath to steam your pores while using Gressa Dirty Pretty Things exfoliating mask. I know you are soooo busy, I get i. However, you need to help your stress level too, which really affects those hormones. We want gradual fluctuations, not a seismogram of a recent earthquake. 

The red Moroccan clay and herbs in this exfoliating mask helps to move impurities out of the body. So does drinking lots of water.

How do I use it?:

Start running your steamy bath and wash your face first. Take a teaspoon of the mask powder and add a few drops of water, not too much, it will make a nice paste. Apply to your face and slip in the bath. You may only have 15 minutes to get away from it all, I know. But your sleep will be better, your chin acne has some help to purify, and dare I say your mood will be much improved.


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