Natural Eye Makeup Remover

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Natural eye makeup remover that will Banish raccoon eyes!

It's bad enough to have to use concealer daily for dark circles, it's worse when ineffective cleansers leave a mascara residue which give you unsightly eyes the next morning.

So you've felt pretty all day in your makeup. It's the end of the day and it's time to wash your face and get ready for bed. How can you get all that eye makeup off safely without chemicals, and without the sting of facial cleanser? (not really meant for eyes in the first place)

Use organic coconut oil, pure perfection! It's the best eye makeup remover, gentle and easy to use.

Take a small, clean makeup/cream jar with a lid and fill it with your favorite brand of organic coconut oil. Some smell strongly of coconut while others are faint with no noticeable fragrance. Take your finger and apply a small amount of the coconut oil to dry eyelids. Then gently massage in smooth, downward strokes. Take a little time here to soften the makeup loose. Tip: Remove eye makeup first before washing face.

Use a wet, warm washcloth and wipe the eye area. I do both eyes at once while they are shut, otherwise it takes more time. I usually get my washcloth ready beforehand. Tip: Baby washcloths are small and make less laundry. It's better for eye health to have a new one each day so that no bacteria has a chance to grow.

Here's to good eye health, avoiding daily chemicals, and having bright, smiling eyes greet you in the morning!

Merry Merry!

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