How to clean your dishwasher

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I don't know about you, but my dishwasher does not look this good on the inside. If fact, hard water stains are coating the inside, due to minerals. But how do you clean your dishwasher without toxic chemicals? Put away that chemical treatment block. Let's not eat any remnants of cancer causing chems? Seriously, ick.

Hey, and I got this straight from an expert dishwasher technician. And it's safe!!! Woo hoo! Empty your dishwasher and put a regular sized soup bowl upright in the bottom section. Fill the bowl, near the top, with water and add approx 1 cup of white vinegar to it. Run the cycle. It makes things look so much better but will keep your machine running more efficiently and keep maintenance down. Best to do this every month.

Tip: Take the plastic round catch out of the bottom occasionally and scrub it with cleanser and white vinegar. I use an old toothbrush which makes it simple. Your machine will thank you.

Well, best of luck to you in keeping your home clean, naturally.

With Love,

Lavender Gypsy

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