Natural Sleep Remedies

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There are times when we are all looking for Natural Sleep Remedies.

I found a lovely tea that has lavender & chamomile. Hey, I've tried this combo lot's of times before and it didn't do much so what gives? I looked on the back and low and behold their was a secret ingredient, that wasn't listed on the front of the package. Lemon Balm!!! aka Melissa leaves. 

I decided to buy some organic melissa leaves and take it as a supplement just before bed. Take one or two at bedtime depending on your needs. Lemon balm can get you away from having to take prescribed pills loaded with chemicals and nasty side effects which you probably have to take another pill for.

It works so well, and is very gentle without side effects. I like how it doesn't make me sleepy but rather more relaxed, I found it very comforting. That incessant hamster wheel in the brains slows down. That's really what gets us into trouble, I believe. Too much worry and mind chatter.

A well know neurologist once told me that not getting enough sleep each evening has an accumulative effect and can wear out the body and lead to disorders and dis ease. Let Lemon balm take you to a soft slumber instead of trying to sleep or worrying about if you will get enough sleep tonight. 

Here's to better ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's

With love,

Lavender Gypsy

Oh, by the way, the brand of the tea is Traditional Medicinals and it's really good.


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