How to Apply Mascara

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How to Apply Mascara

If you have a traditional brush wand, improve lash separation while applying mascara by moving the wand in a swift, zig-zag fashion from lash root to tip as opposed to one sweeping motion.

Tip: One of the most common lash mistakes

Don't forget to coat your inner lashes. Many women only apply mascara to the middle and outer corners of their lashes. This can give off an illusion that changes your eye shape, making them look closer together or more narrow. Think of your lashes as a fan with three sections. You want to amplify every section of the fan -- middle, outer side and inner side -- to really open up your eyes and flatter your eye shape.

Tip: What to do with the wand-tip glob

Dab the tip of your mascara on a tissue to get rid of the glob that tends to form there. This will keep you from getting uneven, goopy product distribution, especially on your shorter lashes.

When applying multiple coats of mascara, avoid putting several coats on one eye at a time. You'll end up with "one really thick coat." Instead, get a more defined finish by applying one coat on your left eye, then switching to your right, then going back to your left, and so on. This allows each coat a little necessary time to set (but not completely dry) before you put on the next coat.

Mascara generally lasts about three months, but the biggest sign that you need a new mascara is when it stops performing like the day it did when you first got it.

Finally, use organic mascara to enhance the natural beauty of you eyes. It's the best choice for keeping irritating chemicals away from the sensitive eye area.

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