Staying hydrated and feel and look better

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Ways to stay hydrated and save your skin from this Winter. So we have almost made it though this Winter, it just snowed again, 8 inches and thank goodness it's melting fast. However, it has been very hard on our skin, with moving back and forth from an artificial heated environment to the cold wind outside. This can be very dehydrating to your face and body.

Why is this important? Because it can look like premature aging. Elastosis or sagging is sometimes caused by dehydration and has nothing to do with aging. Sometimes we look in the mirror at the end of Winter and say, what happened to my skin? Are there things that can firm and plump skin back up? Y E S !!!

Serums-Apply hydrating serums underneath moisture every morning and night

Hot water with lemon-facilitates a liver cleanse and removes toxins, chemicals from the road and water treatment plants are ingested through the skin when showering

Omega oils-help with cellular cohesion, basically your cells hold water better

Creampack mask-Instead of a weekly mud mask, switch to a cream moisture mask and revel in the difference.

Bottled water-better than filtered, drink as much as possible, keep in mind if you are hungry late at night after dinner, or generally very tired, both of those signs are dehydration. So drink up and see if you don't feel a whole lot better.

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